The Women’s Missionary Society

The Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) is one of the many vital organizations in the Church.  The WMS is actively engaged in fulfilling the Christian mission of Jesus Christ through service.  Our service projects extend from the walls of First Saint Paul to the shores of foreign lands.  Some of those projects are:  visiting, providing aid and activities for sick and shut-in members of the congregation and local nursing homes; feeding the hungry by supporting and volunteering in the church’s food pantry; distributing food baskets during holiday seasons; preparing and serving four course meals for the homeless ministry each Sunday after the church service.  The WMS supports education by providing clothes and tuition for young women and girls in African countries, providing financial support, school supplies and volunteering at a local school.  The Young Adult Missionaries (YAMS) are a valued part of the organization because of their participation in service projects and innovative ideas.  The Young People’s Division of the WMS provides opportunities for Christian education, training and community service for the youth of the church.

The Lay Organization

The Lay Organization is a movement to provide greater leadership opportunities for the Lay member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Its membership includes all non-clergy members.


The Class Leader Organization is comprised of Class Leaders who are to nurture, care, and provide spiritual support and guidance to the members of the church. Class Leaders are chosen, and the call is to serve. Class Leaders help the pastor serve, as they are the Under-Shepherd of the flock, which extends to fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ in preparing for God’s Kingdom.

A Class Leader is:

  • Appointed by the pastor once the Class Leader requirements are met.
  • The interface between the ministerial staff and the members of the church.
  • To communicate regularly with their class members by phone, letter, email, visits or social gatherings.
  • To provide advice, guidance and counsel and be a listening ear to their concerns and or issues of their class members.
  • A part of the spiritual support structure of the church.
  • A Class Leader signs and recommits annually to be a Class Leader.
  • A class is usually composed of twelve or more persons.


First Saint Paul South Dekalb Community Development Inc.—-Eldoris S. Williams Pantry is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization who mission is to assist those living on the cutting edge of poverty, to promote healthy living and wellness, to become self-sufficient and to empower and educate individuals and families to reach their economics success.

OUR HISTORY | The food pantry had very humble beginnings starting out in a small space donated by First Saint Paul A.M.E. Church. The food pantry has remained faithful to the mission in fighting to help alleviate hunger since 1997. Years later, the food pantry was named Eldoris S. Williams because of her devotion and dedication to providing food to the needy. We presently serve 60-80 families on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. From December 2016 to January 2018, we served 1,399 families, 3,524 people, 761 children, 856 seniors and distributed 85,246 pounds of food.

MISSION STATEMENT | Our mission is to fight poverty, promote wellness, increase self- sufficiency and provide our services to all communities to empower our participants to reach their full potential.

ABOUT US | We provide groceries to low income at risk families, unskilled young mothers with babies and young children, senior citizens, single men, people with mental and physical disabilities and homeless clients. Using a different philosophy than the traditional food bank, the food pantry has established a store like atmosphere where program participants can individually select the products they wish to obtain. Participants only get the products they will use. “Waste not, want not”. That’s the motto we will continue to use because, “we believe clients are the best arbitrator of which food he or she can use”. They are encourage to take what they need and can select food based on their own individual preferences, needs and circumstances, while enhancing the dignity, respect and self-care of our participants.

VISION: To help alleviate hunger by education and educating and empowering our community

PRIMARY FOCUS | Feeding the Hungry, Healthy Eating, Food Distribution, End Senior Hunger and Helping the homeless

AREAS SERVED: DeKalb, Rockdale, Fulton, Newton, Gwinnett and other surrounding counties

DAYS AND HOURS OF OPERATIONS:  2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of each month. 9:00am-12noon


  1. Food distribution for individuals, families and seniors
  2. CFSP (Commodity Food Supplement Food Program (for seniors)
  3. Without a Roof Ministry (homeless population)
  4. Dress for Success (building resumes, work ethics, interviewing skills)
  5. Shopping within a budget (money management)
  6. Nutritional Classes (cooking classes, food preparation, wellness)
  7. Fruits of Your Labor Community Garden
  8. More Than Enough Veggie Bags (is a recycle bag filled with fresh produce and other available food items for a small donation)
  9. Utilities & Rent assistance program (Focus on the Now and Not Tomorrow Foundation Inc.)
  10. Backpack Program (provides food and school supplies to school age children in need)